VanHoef Steel is your source for rebar and related products in Ontario.

VanHoef Steel is an Ontario based rebar fabricating facility located in Norwich, Ontario.

We provide rebar products to the agricultural, civil, residential and commercial construction industries. We strive to provide fast and on time delivery of any rebar order, be it large or small.

VanHoef Steel provides estimating and detailing services, and can provide you with accurate shop drawings and bar lists for your variety of projects. Fabrication and shipping are handled with efficiency and professionalism.

If an issue arises due to circumstances such as revisions or site conditions, we will be there to help and provide speedy customer service.

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                                     REBAR SERVICES

VanHoef Steel offers estimating and detailing services. We offer accurate and timely estimates, and continuously strive to improve our process. Detailing gets sourced out, but checked over in house, to ensure that the drawings are high quality.


              REBAR GALLERY

                                 REBAR PRODUCTS

VanHoef Steel stocks rebar from 10M to 30M. Larger sizes are available on request. To minimize waste, we carry a variety of lengths, depending on the size required.

Besides our black bar inventory, we also carry epoxy coated rebar. We also stock Welded Wire mesh, 6x6x6/6 gauge and 6x6x9/9 gauge. All other sizes are available on request.